JOLY ® Patented Worldwide
Fine Sounds may help in upgrading intelligence, health & aestheticism

U.S.A. Germany Switzerland
The speakers won the world class invention award.
We have the prizes of NT$1,000,000 and 300,000 waiting for you.
The above is the certificate with the "high-end" label.
The speakers are the best.
The International Inventions Association said the following on paper about our speakers: The Joly speakers do not have the disadvantages (too much noises, low fidelity, causing people to be irritated, anxious, angry, jittering, etc.) that traditional speakers have.

In US, Germany and Switzerland
We explained the following to the judges:
1 . Our small Joly speakers have the low frequency effect of the traditional large speakers. The pure low frequency effect of the Joly speakers ranks number one in the world.
2 . The high fidelity and low noise of the Joly speakers also rank number one in the world. The speakers give us the serenity and does not irritate our mind.
3 . The resolution of the speakers ranks number one in the world too. They can present the sounds from different instruments clearly.
Our Joly speakers rank number one in the world in the sound purity and high quality.After the judges tested the speakers of different brands, they voted on the Joly speakers as the best!

In the Taiwan Audio Show held in Howard Plaza Hotel, 1994, the Joly won the fist place in a performancevent and Mr. Allan, manager of the VIFA from Denmark was convinced after trying the best speaker system.

Differences Between Joly and Traditional
Speaker System in Sound Quality

Joly Speaker System
Provides sound of fidelity and 3D sense
( Am-plifier 20 W can fully express the essense of Joly's however, 300W will be better ).
Traditional Speaker System Provides sound of 2D sense and not clear.
1 . Noiseless, being quiet, will not stimulate brain nerve.
2 . Each musical instrument can still be identified even though it is played several rows behaind the singer.
3 . The sound quality of the singer and musical instrments are attractive and sweet and are chanfed rapidly anr obviously.
4 . Each different aspect of the musical instrument and rhythm is real and is able to identified.

The above indicates that Joly's speaker is able to generate signals in order, therefore the sound quality is attractive, diversified, and full of 3D effects.
1 . With noise, sharp and vague sound becomes noisy and stimulating.
2 . The singer and the musical instrument of the band are mixed, without sense of layers. The " sound wall " feels hard, sharp, strong and vague.
3 . The sound quality of the singer is dim, dull, disgusting, without variations and the sense of beauty.
4 . All musical instruments are mixed into a block, and only distortion is used to produce extended sound, making false 3D sense.

The above indicates that the traditional conical speaker will mix the front and the back signals together, therefore produces vague and 2D sound.

321LA 501 (Knight)
500L 501L (Knight)
802M(King class)
800M(Knight) (Black Knight) (Princess)

We guarantee that our Joly speakers can use least for 10 years.
Their life expectancy is over 20 years.
(We guarantee that we will fix them for free after 10 years of your purchase of the speakers.)

The differences between the Joly speakers and the traditional speakers
We set the following prices according to the prices of the same speakers sold
in the European countries and the US
Product type Dimensions
(in cm)
Weight (Kg/piece) Frequency range
(Unit: US$)
Suggested retail
price per set
(Unit: US$)
Wholesale price
(Unit: US$)
805X-L (EmperorIII) 32*32*182   20~20k Hz 400K 40K  
806M-L (QueenIII) 44*37*170 53 20~20k Hz 400K 40K  
803M-L (Princess) 38.6*34*121 35 20~20k Hz 150K 15K  
802M    (King) 288*288*535 16 20~20k Hz 110K 11K  
800ML(Black Knight) 38.5*34*115 34.5 20~20k Hz 100K 10K  
800M    (Knight) 29*29*53.5 13.8 25~20k Hz 50K 5K  
501L    (Knight) 20.6*20.6*82 12 25~20k Hz 30K 3.5K  
501    (Knight) 20*17.5*28 5 30~20k Hz 15K 2K  
500L 20*19*68 7 25~20k Hz 10K 1.8K  
321LA 17*14*39.5 3.9 60~20k Hz 6K 1K  
Traditional speakers 22*21*36 4.7 60~20k Hz 300 100  
Note: a. Before our speakers on the market, their wholesale prices is 50% of their suggested retail prices.
b. If you can find any product that beats our price(s), we will give you a set of that speakers for free
    (limited: one time).
c. We have been offering US$10,000 for anybody who can find speakers that have better sound quality
    than ours (their prices have to be less than our prices). From 1994 till now, nobody won the prize!